Integrated Development

– Assisting for the rescue, rehabilitation and management of the displaced and victimized due to domestic and external conflict
Supporting the farmers in vegetable-farming, horticulture and animal-farming to fulfill the need of balanced diet
– Supporting for an easy access to safe drinking water
– Raising public awareness for clean kitchen, clean and safe toilet and ecological balance
– Conducting the sustainable and self-dependant cooperative development campaign for the economic, social, and cultural development of the ethnic minorities, women, suppressed, exploited and working class people


– Playing active role at the incidence of flood, land-slide, earth quake, fire, other natural calamities and epidemics.
– Working as a volunteer during the accidents related to water, land and air transportation depending on the capacity


– Providing ambulance/corpse-carrying vehicle services
– Establishing, conducting and developing training centers, information centers, hospitals, teaching hospitals and medical colleges in rural as well as urban areas to reach more and more people
– Constructing and running orphanages, and shelters for disabled and senior citizens
– Establishing primary health-care centers in rural areas as per the necessity
– Assisting the government in the developments of herbs-farming, processing and market management along with promoting the research for the herbs at the local level
– Conducting various health treatment camps including mobile health services
– Playing a vital role of an assistance to the role in the social, economical and cultural development of the people