Future Programs

The organization has the vision and action plans as mentioned below:

– Disseminating and promoting the concept of the organization via national and international campaigns
– Investigating, studying, researching, evaluating and monitoring closely health, education, agriculture and development
– Establishing the organization’s own publication unit and library
– Conducting the service-oriented and result-oriented programs through partnership, collective and participatory approach in integrated programs ( education, health, agriculture, transportation, communication etc.) for the all-round development of the people
– Conducting the program of unequal collection, and equal distribution and service on the basis of necessity and emergency
– Producing, collecting and distributing through public-health cooperatives and integrated (financial, social and cultural) scientific system
– Working in coordination with similar type of governmental and non-governmental organizations
– Conclusively, to emerge as an important partner to transform the society from the world of necessity into independence