Donate Earthquake Victims

HEADS Nepal has been actively participating in helping victims of devastating and catastrophic earthquake of April 25, 2015 in Nepal.

We are raising disaster relief funds and goods to send to Gorkha and Sindhupalchowk to donate earthquake victims. We humbly request to all colleagues to help us for the victimized peoples.

HEADS Nepal has allocated and donated funds and in the following earthquake affected areas of Gorkha, Nepal:

S.No.: VDC Amount Remarks Status
1 Baguwa 200000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
2 Taple 100000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
3 Taku 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
4 Ashrang 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
5 Finam 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
6 Taple 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
7 Gaikhur 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
7 Fulkharka (Dhading District) 25000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
8 Murali Bhanjyang (Dhading District) 15000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
9 Talamarang (Sindhupalchowk District) 104,000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated
9 Baramche (Sindhupalchowk District) 15,000 Tent, Mattress & Dry Food Donated

View the details of earthquake victim contributors here.

HEADS Nepal has also targeted Sindhupalchowk District, where NRS. 50, 000/- in first phase will be donated and subsequent donations are in pipeline after funds raised from different countries get collected where in the mean time HEADS Nepal will keep looking for a contact person or organisation in Sindhupalchowk.

Similarly we are also in an effort to identify and collaborate with a focal contact (person/organisation) in other earthquake affected districts such as Rasuwa, Dhading, Kathmandu etc.
Members of HEADS Nepal Jhapa have collected NRS. 35000 for the victims of earthquake.

Volunteers in Action

First Vice Chairman of HEADS Nepal Mr. Rajkumar Shrestha has been leading a volunteer team in Baguwa VDC
Gorkha Municipality Team Leader of HEADS Nepal Mr. Santaman Shrestha has been leading a volunteer team in headquarter of Gorkha District.
If you are interested to volunteer please contact us now!
On 25 April, 2015, the very fateful day Nepal witnessed the most powerful earthquake after 1932 A.D., the Executive Chairman of HEADS Nepal along with First, Second, Third, and Fifth Vice Chairman Mr. Rajkumar Shrestha, Mr. Krishna Pokharel, Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Er. Ishwar Chandra Baniya respectively and Secretary Baburam Dankuti, Mr. Binod Shrestha, Mr. Raju Shrestha were evacuating and rescuing the victims until midnight.

HEADS Nepal has already distributed 30 Tents with financial assistance from Mr. Ramesh Baniya currently residing in USA.

Heads Disaster relief and rescue fund

The following members are in this program:

# Position Name Phone
1 Coordinator Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha 9843017893/014301489
2 Vice Coordinator Er. Ishwor Chandra Baniya 9851194440/9841254440
3 Member Secretary Ishwor Dhakal 9803880748
4 Tresurer Binod Raj Onta 9803494483
5 Member Raj Kumar Shrestha 9851087626
6 Member Binod Babu Shrestha 9841456706
7 Member Tilak Prasad Luitel 9841410395
8 Member Baburam Dankuti 9841779251
9 Member Durga Manandhar 9818715900
10 Member Saru Onta 9841062942
11 Member Samjhana Shrestha 9841319796
12 Member Kriti Shrestha 9860667886
13 Member Raktim Kiran Shrestha 9841410966

Please contribute your donation for earthquake victims in the following bank details:

Bank Details

Bank Of Kathmandu Ltd.
A/C no. : 031400001524-524 (Saving Account)

Western Union

a) Name: Pratap Raj Onta
b) Address: Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Nepal
c) Subject: Nepal Earthquake and Everest Avalanche Victim Fund
d)Cell phone (if  required): +9779851105440


Heads Nepal
Contact person:
Mr Pratap Raj Onta (9803663660)
Shanker Raj Barsila (9851166703)

“Lets unite for supporting the victims of devastating earthquake 2015!”