Donation from Mr. Bipin Bhatta & His Team

Rajendra Bhatta, a resident of Baguwa-9, Gorkha and also a Central Committee member of HEADS Nepal, has handed over Rs. 125,000.00 Oone Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand) to Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Coordinator of HEADS Disaster Rescue and Relief Funds (HDRRF), Kathmandu, Nepal today on behalf of donors  Bipin Bhatta (son of Rajendra Bhatta) and his friends from UAE.

Mr. Bipin Bhatta has been working as a Senior Operation Consultant at McDonald Copany in Dubai. HEADS Nepal families would like to thank them very much for their regular moral and financial support to this organization. We promise that this money will be utilized properly for the welfare of earthquake victims of 25 April, 2015. We have already deposited this amount to the account of HEADS Nepal.