Donation from Mr. Tej Bahadur Shrestha

The permanent resident of Baguwa V.D.C ward no. 4 Ritthe pani, Gorkha presently residing at Israel Mr. Tej Bahadur Shrestha has already contributed Nrs.25000 (Twenty Five thousand rupees) to the earthquake victims of nepal through HEADS NEPAL. The amount was handed over to Fifth Vice Chairman and Vice Coordinator of HEADS Natural Disaster Rescue & Relief Committee Sr. Er. Professor Mr. Ishwor Chandra Baniya by his spouse Ms. Kalpana Shrestha. We, HEADS NEPAL would like to thank him a lot and wish him all the best. We wish him good health, success, prosperity in the days to come ahead.
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of thousands of members of HEADS Nepal and please rest assured that every penny of the donated amount will be utilized for the welfare of victims of earthquake.


Donation from Mr. Ammar Pantha

tanahu chhabdi baraha ka basinda hal portugalma karyarat shree ammar pantha jiu heads nepalko aajiwan sadase hunuvayeko ma heads nepal pariwar hardik badhai tatha suvakamana bekta gardachha . yes ghadima 2 barsa dekhi heads nepalko nam ma collection garnu vayeko 21152 rupiya pani pathaunu vayeko chha .ohalai hardik dhanyabad tatha susostha ra samrddiko kamana gardachhau. agami dinharuma yogdan badairahane shakti paida hos….. wishing you all the life member ammar jiu…..jaya heads ,jaya janasamudaya

Donation from Mr. Dharma Bhattarai

Dharma Bhattarai has contributed NRS. 50, 104/- (fifty thousand one hundred and four) to HEADS Disaster Rescue and Relief Fund’. Mr. Bhattarai’s family already consist of 4 life members and he has also been providing student scholarship of NRS. 50, 000/- per year through HEADS Nepal.  He has also donated NRS. 200, 000/- to Baguwa Bhattarai Society.

Donation from Ms. Sabitra Luitel

A noble lady, Sabitra Luitel, the Life Member of HEADS Nepal and the resident of Jhapa who is recently in Israel is working for HEADS Nepal vigorously. She has collected Rs 70,000. for earthquake victims. On behalf of Sabitra, Mrs Saru Onta handed over the cash to the 5th vice Chairman Ishwar Chandra Baniya, of HEADS Nepal. Thanks lot Sabitra and all friends who helped to the victims and to this organization.


Donation from Mr. Ganeshman Shrestha

Mr. Ganeshman Shrestha, one of the founders of HEADS Nepal, handed over Rs. 20,000 (twenty five thousands) to Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Coordinator of HDRRF on May 19, 2015. All the received money is deposited to an account of HEADS Nepal at Jalapa Multipurpose Cooperative.
HEADS Nepal would like to acknowledge to them for their support to earthquake victims through HEADS Nepal. We hope, this kind of support will be available in the future also.


Donation from Mr. Pan Szu Chen

A meeting was held among Ruby (her husband & son), Ming, Laxmi, Pan Szu Chen and Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha (HEADS Nepal) at Thamel, Kathmandu on May 18, 2015 evening. Mr. Chen has handed over Rs.16,000.00 (sixteen thousands) to Dr. Shrestha, which was collected from himself and Sha Chu Lin (Taiwanese) for helping earthquake victims in Nepal. Thanking u all for your kind support.11073803_483330971835782_7989345999421722534_n

Financial Aid from Mr. Joseph (Ho)


A Reporter Mr. Ho (Joseph) of Central News Agency, Taiwan handed over
USD 1000.00 (Rs. 101,300.00 on May 17, 2015) to the Coordinator of HDRRF, HEADS Nepal on .

Donation from Dr. Bhishnu Prasad Dhital


Dr Bhishnu Pd Dhital, a senior Agro-scientist donated NRS 10, 000/- to HEADS Nepal to support to the Earthquake victims through this organization. We express our heartfelt thanks to him.

Donation from Mr. Himanshu Raj Bhantana


Mr Himamsu Raj Bhantana, son of Mr. Ram Prasad Bhantana, has donated
NRS.  32, 941/- to HEADS Nepal for the rescue and relief of earthquake victims on the occasion of his Suva Bratabandha. We congratulate and offer a lot of thanks to him. The amount was handed over to Mr. Ishwar Chandra Baniya.

Donation from Mr. Bipin Bhatta & His Team

Rajendra Bhatta, a resident of Baguwa-9, Gorkha and also a Central Committee member of HEADS Nepal, has handed over Rs. 125,000.00 Oone Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand) to Dr. Hari Kumar Shrestha, Coordinator of HEADS Disaster Rescue and Relief Funds (HDRRF), Kathmandu, Nepal today on behalf of donors  Bipin Bhatta (son of Rajendra Bhatta) and his friends from UAE.

Mr. Bipin Bhatta has been working as a Senior Operation Consultant at McDonald Copany in Dubai. HEADS Nepal families would like to thank them very much for their regular moral and financial support to this organization. We promise that this money will be utilized properly for the welfare of earthquake victims of 25 April, 2015. We have already deposited this amount to the account of HEADS Nepal.